Water the Explosive issue in the Middle East.

  • Water Wars, the next major conflict in the Middle East, will be over water, due to increasing water shortage and the inability of International lawyers to come up with realistic definitions and rules to share water across borders; a lecture by Adel Darwish, Geneva conference on Environment and Quality of Life June 1994.

  • The current trouble between Syria and Turkey goes back to the 1950, water has always been the underlying cause, and Turkey has been threatening since the 1980s to use the water weapons against her downstream neighbours. 
  • Future Middle East battles will be fought not over oil but the vital resources of three river systems, drying oasis and shrinking aquifers: a talk given by Adel Darwish at the Geneva conference on Environment and Quality of life 2 June 1994 .
  • The ambiguity of International law on shared water resources could trigger a war in the Middle East. Talk given by Adel Darwish in 1992.
  • The Nile basin has been considered by the Egyptian as their own, but now with a hostile Islamic fundamentalist regime in Sudan and other trouble in some of the nine riparian nations, the Egyptian as have plans for intervention up the Nile , an essay by Adel Darwish in 1994 

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