Sorting Out Saddam: President Bush has warned Iraq's dictator he will be coming to get him
America's ' smart' sanctions as a new policy to contain Saddam and lift sanctions to help Iraqi people, some say it is too naive to succeed while Saddam is getting stronger and the Middle East is becoming more dangerous.
 Mrs Thatcher and John Major disagree over the course of history that should have been followed at the Gulf War as they joined Kuwaitis to celebrate 10 years of liberation.
World Leaders Join Kuwaitis in the National day as Kuwaits are still scared of Saddam
 The Royal Air Force is not  impressed by French 'Political mischief.', RAF pilots told Adel Darwish in Kuwait
Arab reaction to Air raid on Baghdad
American and British aircraft raid Baghdad
American and British aircraft raid Baghdad for the first time in two years 16 Feb. 2001
Arab Reaction to 16 Feb. 2001 raid: The Arabs see Intifada as more important that containing Saddam
View from Britain : UK will lose friends and economic benefits, former NATO deputy commander warns
Official Iraqi Statement on the raid
Saddam Hussein: The Popular Dictator Syndrome among Arabs. 
US Policy on Iraq is in disarray
Saddam the Godfather of Baghdad
Saddam executes officers ( December 1998)

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