Heathrow Plot Warning: Who Will Protect Britain's Muslims from the Promoters of Evil?

London- 11 August :

A group, of mainly British Muslims, was plotting for the past eight months, to smuggle chemicals aboard planes and assemble liquid bombs during the flights and blow them above the Atlantic or above US cities, three at a time, causing maximum death. But fighting terror by security measure alone is not enough; we must fight the ideology of the terrorists, and free young Muslim minds from the hands of evil clergy who preach violence and terror.

By Adel Darwish.

London 11 August 2006

The stress to Londoners and the tension engulfing the place, not to mention to mention financial and economic losses especially among British Muslims, were only comparable to those that followed the terrorist attacks on 7/7 last year, which claimed more than 50 lives, and injured more than a hundred of from several ethnic religious backgrounds including Muslims.

If it wasn't for a mixture of luck – or divine providence –, alertness of MI5, Special Branch and other security agencies and the cooperation from many British Muslims, the disaster would have been of a much larger scale than 7/7 and the loss of life would have been much higher than that of last July, and even the losses at of Bali, Taba, Sharm al-Shaykh, and perhaps 9/11. The


British Muslims cooperated with the police authorities because they are responsible subjects of the British Crown. Their consciences and their both national and human loyalty came before and other superficial belonging to some mythical umma ( World wide Muslim community) according to empty slogans raised by false prophets and parroted by imams ( Muslim vicars) and clergy of hatred and the promoters of evil , to brainwash confused and misguided youths.

The terrorist group – made of a number of cells of 18 people were arrested on Wednesday (9 August) night and at dawn yesterday – had some evil plan. Blowing up a number of passenger airliners, mostly belonging to US airlines, over the
Atlantic Ocean or over US cities at the rate of three airliners at a time.

Consider the scale of life that might have been lost. The average flight in a holiday season carries about 300 people plus 10 crew this means the death of nearly 1,000 people in every terrorist batch of explosions.

The plot was planned for the summer holiday season, when the majority of passengers are families with young children from all ethnic and religious groups including Muslims, not to mention the death of people in the cities over which they intended to blow up the airliners. When the Pan American flight 103 exploded in 1988 over Lockerbie, a considerable number of the victims were town residents killed by the falling debris.

The vile scheme required the terrorists to assemble liquid chemical bombs during the flights. This would have been done by smuggling undetectable components, mainly for domestic and cosmetic use, on board, and hence they did not need to hijack the airliners, and they would have blown them up suddenly without any warning. Just some one going to the toilet, assembles the bomb, and bang.

The police Criminal Investigation Division (CID), sources say the cells were under surveillance, and the movements and contacts of their members had been monitored for over eight months since December 2005.

This is an important detail since radical Arab nationalists are likely to pin the blame on our Prime Minister Tony Blair to justify such evil terrorist plot because of his '' stance on the war in Lebanon '' which they, falsely, interpret as pro Israel, saying his policy angered young British Muslims and pushed them towards terrorism.

Despite my sympathy toward the liberals, lawyers and human-rights Organisation and my fully understanding – and often support- for their continuous criticism of the Blair government's over-reaction and illiberal laws, and despite my personal doubts about the intentions of Home Secretary John Reid, I fully sympathies with the man in this occasion. Dr Reid found him self in most unenviable situation yesterday (Thursday 10 August.) Damned if he acted and damned if he didn't.

The terrorists were just about – a matter of days or even 48 hours – to carry out their evil plan, as police surveillance of the suspects, and the monitoring of their communications revealed. Therefore, the state of security alert was raised to "critical," i.e. to maximum. But it is not as simple as it sounds.
Arresting a group of terrorist cells could alert another undetected cell or cells who were either sleepers or might be planning a long-term operation, to activate their plans before being detected as they fear one or more of the arrested suspects might expose them during questioning by police. They might carry out a terrorist attack against a soft target. Thus the home secretary was forced to impose arbitrary measures at the airports because of the fear that an undetected cell might try to leave the country. Such measures are unpopular and inconvenience thousands of innocent people going about their business and causes them considerable financial losses (expensive cosmetics, medicines, perfumes and any form of liquids are confiscated at airports).

Had an undetected cell carried out some terrorist attack, the home secretary would be left with the blood of the innocent on his hands.
Moreover, if it were to turn out that the information were wrong and the home secretary had sounded a false alarm , he would be fiercely criticised, and would be asked to resign, especially with some fiascos still fresh in the collective memory, like the shooting dead of an innocent Brazilian young man by police on 21 July 2005 , and when the house of two Pakistani young men was stormed by the police, and one of them was mistakenly shot, but no evidence to prove their guilt was found.
However, I can't help but admire Dr. Reid for the way he risked his position and political future. He opted to act according to the principle of safety first in order to preserve the lives of the people as he considered the loss of his political future the lesser of the two evils.

What is remarkable about this great nation is how British people, with their usual courage and good
humour remained calm in the face of unexpected losses as thousands lost their holidays - the majority of whom have been saving for these holidays for a full year or missed flights - (Heathrow Airport alone receives some 93,000 passengers, and more than 90,000 depart from it everyday, not to mention four other airports around London and dozens of airports in Scotland, Wales, and the home counties). They all suffered these losses courageously, without panic, and without any serious confrontations with airline or airport officials.

The other disturbing feature is that most of the detainees are British-born, and the Muslims among them – although I think that all of them are Muslims, even if Scotland Yard, being sensitive to Muslims feelings, politely refuses to divulge such information - either were born to Muslim families most of whom of Pakistani origins, or converted to Islam in mosques and Islamic centers that are unfortunately controlled by hard-line fundamentalists.

The crucial question is how to combat terrorism? It would be an impossible task without defeating its ideology, as Mr Blair noted in his Los Angeles lecture and at his press conference last week. At any other time or in any other era prior to the emergence of the hard-line fundamental Islam, Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others, these British-born young men would have been proud of belonging to Britain, and would have been loyal to their country in which they live and on its soil earn their livelihoods.
Those young men have been brainwashed, and now they do not recognise their nationality of birth or belonging to
Britain but rather belonging a mythical super-state or Islamic Caliphate, or umma. One recalls the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt cursing the Egyptian nation in public saying "To hell with Egypt, the roots of Egypt, and the ancestors of Egypt," asking his followers to be disloyal to their nation of birth and belong to the external mythical umma . By the same token – since those clergy who brainwash young British Muslims are also followers of the same Salafi ideology of Muslim brothers- brainwashed Muslim Britons say "to hell" with Britain, to which their parents emigrated voluntarily looking for a culturally and economically better life – and were not forced to come and live here -, and belong to the external mythical Umma . Some take it to more extreme from of nihilist alienation from the home land to say '' to hell with our (British nation) and to hell with life itself "turning themselves into a human suicide bombs.

The imams of corruption and hatred had falsely promised these young men they would go to heaven. Would any one in his right mind believe that a killing dozens of women and children will be a way to finding peace in heaven?

For the hundredth time I join those who called in the past for expelling the imams of evil and hatred from
Britain. In the absence of a religious affairs ministry, the Friday sermons and lessons ought to be subjected to the Interior Ministry through the supervision of Islamic academics, and they all should be delivered in English. If any of these imams did not want to master the English language, or refused to be integrated in Britain and to live as a Briton according to the laws and culture of the country, then he would be free to go back to where he came from, the same as he was free to come here. This is particularly true if he does not like the British way of life, and he considers it infidelity, he should leave this infidelity, go to the land from which he came, and join the society he likes.
At the same time, let the leftists liberals re-examine some bizarre aspects of political correctness that justify accepting some non-sense on the basis of respecting minorities cultural peculiarities. This is a fallacy, and a folly leading to further the isolation of Muslims in their cultural "Ghetto" in a climate facilitating the emergence of self-styled Muslim leaders leading their flock to perdition.
This is the legal aspect. As for the social, political, and cultural aspects, law alone is not enough to defeat terrorism. Purging Islam and Muslim communities in
Britain of harmful ideas and hate-pushers is up to the Muslims themselves. They could kick the imams of evil and the promoters of terrorism out of their community and even out of all of Britain, so that Britain remains the country of tolerance and amicability, and the historic capital of the Arabs and Muslims.

Adel Darwish 2006

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