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 Prime Minister Tony Blair made his farewell speech, how will he go down in history? 10 May 2007

Obituary of Saddam Hussein’s half brother Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti who was hanged on 15 January 2007

  President George Bush's limited options in Iraq November 2006

  Between the Iraq Study Group Recommendation and a hard place November 2006

Tony Blair outlines his Foreign Policy at the Guild Hall  Nov 2006: would it work in a negative reality on the ground?

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s tour described as ‘ cheerleading without substance’ Oct 06

The Veil Debate in Britain: Why radical Muslims want to live in a cultural ghetto instead of fully assimilating?

Terrorist plot to blow-up planes above Heathrow Airport: Defeating  ideology of terrorism among British Muslims?

After 50 years of the Suez fiasco, its ghosts are returning to haunt Downing Street

Mission Creep in Afghanistan: Al-Qaeda and Taliban are re-emerging in Southern Afghanistan

Lebanon: Hezbollah and Israel; The Proxy War 

Tony Blair replaces Jack Straw with Margaret Beckett:  how Foreign policy is going to look like?

Tony Blair's Doctrine in Foreign Policy

Kadima After Ariel Sharon : Forward .... or Back ?

The Winds of Change Sweeping through the Middle East, a Mirage or Heralding a New Era?

Ahmad Zaki, Black Tiger of Egyptian films - obituary

Syria in 2005: A Dictatorship without a dictator

■ Mr Lebanon= Rafik el-Hariri, Obituary

■ New American Secretary of States Condoleezza Rice: Diplomacy as a tool of foreign policy

■ Obituary : Sir David Gore-Booth, an old school British diplomat who spoke his mind

The War on Terror 

The barbaric terrorist attack on London 7 July 05  (Editorial )

Europe's cultural apartheid is feeding the terrorist recruiting pool ( Editorial).

The barbaric terrorist attack on London 7 July 05  (Editorial )

Israel's elder statesman  Shimon Peres is optimistic war in Iraq would bring peace

Bombers in Saudi Arabia  alienate Arab opinion by killing Muslims

  Terrorist attack in Riyadh

9/11 2004 Three Years of war on Terror effect on America's Foreign Policy
Iyman Zawahir : The Terror mastermind

The Complicated Middle East Relation with the West
Arab Media view
Bin Laden's TV Choice
President Bush's efforts to form a coalition is a much harder task than his father's in 1990
10 point advice to America to avoid fighting the last war by Barry Robins
 Bin Laden's Sudan Bank Details found by Hackers



Iraq's rebel cleric Muqtada el-Sadr owes his fame to American blunders

Iraq chooses a new president, but federalism is the solution

Iraqi elections' results: No single group can rule, it will have to be a coalition

Tariq Aziz tells son: Stop being Saddam.

■ Three  weeks after toppling Saddam, Iraq is entering a new epoch

■ Returned exiled Sheikh Kebeisy rallies 

■ Saddam honours Iraq's first suicide bomber

After Saddam: A Post-War Iraq could be very challenging for America
■ Text  of  Hans Blix report March 7, 2003 to the Security Council
■ Text of British draft resolution to Security Council February 24, 2003
■ Text of  French/German  memorandum distributed on February 24, 2003
■ Inspectors' report to Security Council 14 Feb. 03:  Text of Hans Blix's statement

Iraqi exiles split on post-Saddam plan
The Show Rolls On :President Bush and Prime Minister Blair rally support
■ Inspectors find no smoking gun but US keeps the pressure on Saddam

Iraq presented weapon document to inspector

Sorting Out Saddam 

Other Middle East Topics

women vote for the first time in Bahrain

Islamists win most votes in Bahrain 

Anti-Americanism in Arabic Language Media

■ Gulf Cooperation Council 2002 Summit in Doha: Is it the end of GCC as a political alliance
The latest interview with Reza Pahlavi on his book Winds of Change
■ Foes to the bitter end: Sharon V Arafat
Iran's diplomatic row with Britain

Change of old guard in Bahrain

■ Sheikh Isa, Emir of Bahrain - Obituary

■ Muslim women who play with fire

Tony Blair leaves a good impression in the mideast ( 1998)


1988 Terrorist Attacks  in Africa

Bi Laden : New Terror Base in Afghanistan
The Attacks in Africa (1998)
Taliban says Bin laden innocent (1998)
Did Saddam send bombers (1998)
Israeli Academic View (1998)
World Intelligence Community against terror(1998)

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